What to Expect
I aim to respond to initial contact from clients by e-mail (kerry@drwest.co.uk) or by telephone (07889 721159)  within 24 hours. After a discussion about your problem we may decide to arrange an initial consultation. During the first session it is likely that I will ask you a lot of questions in order to find out as much as possible and you and about your issues. I will also explain all about hypnotherapy and any other therapeutic techniques I feel may be helpful for you. This first session will give you an opportunity to meet me and to ask me any questions you might have. During this initial appointment you will usually have the opportunity to experience simple hypnosis, which is likely to be relaxation-focused, rather than therapeutic. If we both agree, I can then book further sessions as needed.

As a qualified doctor I am able to assess accurately whether Clinical Hypnosis is  appropriate and safe for you and for your problem. A complimentary therapy is just that; a compliment to the treatment you may be having or have had from your own doctor. I will then draw up a provisional, individualised therapy plan which I will share with you. Typically between two and four sessions will follow, although some patients, with more complex issues to explore, often choose to see me regularly for a while. It is possible that I will suggest some form of “homework” to further enhance your therapy. 

Sessions with me involve a bespoke, personalised combination of hypnotherapy and several other psychotherapeutic and behavioural techniques, aimed to benefit you both at a conscious and an unconscious level. My therapies are evidence-based and effective. It is not unusual for previous patients to return for a further session later, during times of trouble or distress.

With your permission, it may be appropriate for me to write to your GP or other health provider. Please note that this will never happen without your express permission.


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